TAL 28 / automne six

automne six

all titles written by Philippe Poirier & Stefan Schneider
lyrics by Philippe Poirier

inc. DL
Release: September 2022

Worldwide distribution: MORR

seule (3’55)
les minces formes du monde (4’56)
sur le sable (3’49)
c’est plus la taille (5’14)
kurz (2’32)

les images (4’30)
araka (4’38)
mes objets (3’43)
soirée (3’22)
la traversée (4’56)

automne six are Philippe Poirier & Stefan Schneider
vocals, guitar, saxophone: Philippe Poirier
electronics, acoustic guitar: Stefan Schneider
drums, percussion: Hanno Leichtmann
additional percussion: Bela Rittmeyer

Recorded at Théâtre de La Comédie during ”La Bâtie – Festival de Genève“ 2002, studio des Tonneliers, Strasbourg, and Bleibeil, Berlin, between September 2002 and February 2003. Mixed at Bleibeil Studios together with Bernd Jestram. Produced by Philippe Poirier, Stefan Schneider and Bernd Jestram. Mastering by Detlef Funder at Paraschall, Düsseldorf 2022. Linernotes: Detlef Weinrich. Traduction: Ruth May and Ellen Rosenbaum.
Vinylcut: Anne Taegert, Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Production ”La Bâtie – Festival de Genève“.
Special thanks to Eric Linder, Véronique Marko, Théâtre de La Comédie Genève, Véronique Barondeau.
Illustrations by Philippe Poirier. Inner Sleeve Photograph by Ronald Lippok. Artwork by Christa Marek

19 or 20 years, what difference does it make, if the finer things in life are able to transport us back to Year Zero, again and again. The moment of discovery. It is the timeless horizon that motivates the artist. “Dad, what´s that line doing there?” – a good start for a story. Stefan Schneider and Philippe Poirier recount tales of slow travel, far beyond the known continents. The adventures of a certain Corto Maltese, mysterious loves in forgotten ports. A love that has time, a chess game waiting, ocean liners and propeller machines and A Wild Child gazing at the horizon in amazement and childlike absence. Literally torn down by life as Paul Virillio describes it. The enthusiasm for cartography which Stefan Schneider shares, time and again, similar to a dream. The dream of an idea, of exploration, of finding. The lines that become the great painting, the sequences and words that design a world. A tremendous reservoir and my old friend knows there’s a suitable companion for every journey: Philippe Poirier – a narrator who detects a sound like sand flowing through fingers and who knows how much each object accompanies each love. Les choses de la vie.

Detlef Weinrich, Paris 2021