The label has also proven to be a fertile playground when it comes to instigating new collaborations such as HINOSCH (Koshiro Hino (YPY/GOAT) and Stefan Schneider ) or the duo works of SAM PREKOP & JOHN MCENTIRE (both The Sea and Cake and Tortoise) and MIKI YUI & ASMUS TIETCHENS.

Photo by Schiko

As the label is based in Düsseldorf it reflects, assimilates and amplifies the city’s unique and rich electronic musical heritage from the late 1960’s to the present.

TAL supplies a forum for collaborations and conversations and constantly seeks to examine and redefine what a label in the quickly changing music culture of today could look like. Therefore the label strives to work with an international cast of engineers and designers to ascertain the highest possible quality of all physical and digital editions.

TAL does not regard its activities as “alternative”, “boutique” or “niche”, but very much as a forward thinking public space amongst many others in a plural society of multiple possibilities.

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