TAL 01 / Release: 06.05.2016 / Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women’s Group / On Mande /


Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women’s Group
On Mande
TAL 01
Release: 06.05.2016
Distribution: worldwide by MORR Distribution
Booking: Planet Rock
Recorded by Stefan Schneider, Sven Kacirek and George Odhiambo in December 2015 in Rang’ala Village, Siaya County, Kenya
Mixed and produced by Stefan Schneider
Mastering CGB Dubplates and Mastering
Supported by Goethe Institut Munich


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Ever since her childhood Ogoya Nengo, baptized Anastasia Oluoch in about 1940, would excite listeners around her village with her singing abilities. Very soon she had received her stage name Ogoya Nengo which in Dholuo means: the most precious and expensive singer in the region. Her debut album «Rang‘ala« (Honest Jon‘s / London) came out in 2014 and was recorded and produced by Sven Kacirek (Hamburg / Pingipung) and Stefan Schneider (Kreidler / to rococo rot / Roedelius Schneider) at various spots around Rang‘ala Village, Siaya County, Kenya. Now »Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women‘s Group« are going to release her second album »On Mande« on the new TAL imprint, launched by Stefan Schneider in early 2016.

»On Mande« presents a even richer instrumenation than its predecessor. We hear Nyatiti lute, Asili flute, Orutu strings and Box Guitar (acoustic guitar) which are swiftly intervowen with fierce rhythms of Ohangla drums, various types of shakers and the scintillating vocal parts of »Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women‘s Group« Dodo is a popular traditional female singing style of the Luo communities in the Siaya region, western Kenya. Men are welcome to support the singers on drums, stringed instruments and flutes. The music on this album might have its origin in the past but in fact it is a contemporary version of traditional folk music which is unique in that it is a living culture, a continously developing art form and therefore has its place clearly in the present times.

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