TAL17 / Mapstation

Distance told me things to be said

Release: 6 October 2019

Horns Version    4:46
The Way Things Change    5:14
Sororities   4:15
The Sinuous Ribbon
Piano [Prepared] – Volker Bertelmann   7:48
Eleven    2:34
Listening To Stockholm 3:16
Loin D’Afrique 3:35
Warm Distance   3:16
Constant   4:32
Valencia Was Asleep   4:20

Three early MAPSTATION releases available digitally for the first ever time on our favourite service.

Cover: Bianca Strauch, Maria Gonçalves
Drums, Percussion: Martin Brandlmayr
Electronics, Melodica, Computer [Powerbook]: Stefan Schneider
Engineer: Bernd Jestram
Mastered by Alexej*, Bo Kondren
Recorded by [Sounds From Milano] Susanne Kerssenboom
Technician [Trombones Technical Help]: Jennifer*
Trombone: Annie Whitehead

Originally released in 2006 on vinyl and CD. Besides SLEEP, ENGINE SLEEP (2001) and VERSION TRAIN (2003) both still available through STAUBGOLD it is considered a classic MAPSTATION album. Featuring guest appearances of trombonist ANNIE WHITEHEAD and Radian’s MARTIN BRANDLMAYR on drums. Out of print since 2009.