Soul Static

Release: 4 October 2019

Frankel   6:48
Espoo   4:09
Tiksi   4:28
Elements   4:23
Marden   5:52

Three early MAPSTATION releases available digitally for the first ever time on our favourite service.

Engineer – Bernd Jestram
Mastered By – Bo Kondren
Written-By – Stefan Schneider

Soul Static Sound starts the new year with a concise and direct release, which exemplifies a minimalist approach to both making and listening to music. Mapstation is Stefan Schneider’s first solo recording, a mini album which draws on his experience as a member of To Rococo Rot combined with the melodic and moody sensibilities inherent in the musical heritage of his native Dusseldorf. Working on the shapes of sound whilst avoiding the limitations of formalism allows the rhythms and textures to express themselves to the listener as a process of subtly changing relationships. Evocative electronics through clarity and constraint. File next to good German minimal techno/electronica labels such as Din, Chain Reaction, Basic Channel, Kompakt, etc.

Originally released in 2000 on the short lived SOUL STATIC SOUND imprint from London.
This EP was the debut outing of MAPSTATION.