Oswaldo Lares

Oswaldo Lares, a studied architect who, parallel with his professional activity, began to make field recordings of indigenous Venezuelan music on from the late 1960s onwards up until today. His search and fascination for finding the musical roots of his country led Oswaldo Lares to visit the rural villages outside Caracas. The vast amount of music documents in the form of sound recordings, photographs and videos accompanied by notes and studies reflect the scope of this entirely self- taught sound engineer’s work and represent a passionate documentary, making his work today one of the most comprehensive and systematic that has ever been assembled by a single person in Venezuela. Whereas most studied ethnomusicologists travel around the world to explore far away continents and foreign cultures, Oswaldo began to devote much of his spare time to the generally overlooked folk traditions that existed right in his very neighbourhood. Currently Guillermo Lares has started to promote his father‘s work through the Achivolares Foundation, turning it into a living archive that preserves an essential part of Venezuelan musical memory. Very recently the album MUSICA DE VENEZUELA 1972-80 The Archive of Oswaldo Lares, has been released on TAL.


Jesus Romero entonando el Galeron, Margarita 1974

Tambor,palero y maracas San Rafael de Orituco1974