TAL 03 / Release: 04.03.2017 / Katharina Grosse/Stefan Schneider / Tiergarten

Katharina Grosse / Stefan Schneider

TAL 03
Release: 04.03.2017

Distribution by MORR

All music by Katharina Grosse and Stefan Schneider
Katharina Grosse: Analogue Synthsizer
Stefan Schneider: Synthesizer and Sinustone Generator

mastering and vinylcut by Rashad Becker

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„After Weissensee by NEU!, and Neuköln by Bowie/Eno- both named after districts in Berlin – Grosse and Schneider, with TIERGARTEN, bring their own, fresh approach to this short but significant tradition of pulsating analogue synthesia dedicated to Berlin and its historic and aesthetic landscape.“

Quote from linernotes by Jörg Heiser