Photo by Schiko

TAL is an internationally operating record label conceptualized and established in 2016 by Stefan Schneider in Düsseldorf. Concurrent with a continuous and carefully curated selection of releases, TAL has also become a home for multidisciplinary artistic activities, research, archival projects, public talks and live events.

With an emphasis on contemporary sound culture the label presents a wide ranging musical panorama, from Kenyan folk music of OGOYA NENGO AND THE DODO WOMEN’s GROUP, to Japanese producers like TENTENKO, KOPY, REIKO KUDO and Miki Yui. TAL releases run the gamut from modern compositions by Brian Parks and Phillip Schulze to archival recordings of Venzuelan Folk music from the 1970’s/80’s, from seminal reissues of the Tokyo post punk trio NON BAND to Düsseldorf’s early 80’s mutant funk of ROTER STERN BELGRAD and KONRAD KRAFT and beyond.